Build Great Products!


Project Management Services

Our team has 15 years of experience managing projects. We customize our tested process to meet the needs of your team. Our process maximizes communication and efficiency. By customizing our process to your team, you will see major improvements in predictability, accountability, and efficiency. Let our executive team manage your projects under our process, hire us to build your own process, or we will train your project managers to help you build better more process driven teams.

Technical Development Services

Our team has 20 years of experience in technical development. From websites and apps to Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Our technical team can build the products you dream of building. You get a direct point of contact through an account executive that runs the team building your product. Your dedicated team leverages our unique process for project management and is overseen by our executive team to make sure you succeed. Your success is our #1 priority!

Rapid Prototyping / Innovation Services

Our team has a long history of building prototypes in 24hrs, with proven success time and time again. Our team knows the ins and outs of patent writing with one full patent and multiple patents pending. If you have an idea that you need to reach and MVP quickly, we can deliver your MVP in two months, if not faster. Innovation is hard, but we are experts in innovation.

Interim COO/CTO Services

Hire our executive team to help you grow and structure your business. You may find it difficult to find the team you need when you start a new business. You may have difficulty growing your business process with your current team. Our executive team can bring the tools and processes your business needs to grow.



Integrate SMS or OTT Messaging notifications straight into your app.


Communicate over any wireless protocol. M2M, IoT, Bluetooth, ZWave, Zigbee, et. al.


Easily connect with any software or system and quickly bring any new ideas to life with scale-ready enterprise grade software.

Artificial Intelligence

Build products with the latest in A.I. technology. Deep learning, machine learning, Natural Language Processing.